House Rules

  • Backgrounds and Traits are welcome and encouraged.
  • Backgrounds/Traits are not limiting factors. They are about the past.
  • Alignment is fine. 5e treats it as it doesn’t matter and so do I. Again, it’s more of a description of your upbringing.
    • Lawful = Orderly, methodical, deliberate, likes planning.
    • Chaotic = Spontaneous, improvised, free spirit, heat of the moment.

It is of the highest importance that characters are allowed to grow and change. That also means Inspiration will be handled differently.

Tactical play is highly recommended: 1 HP does not equate to full health. 1 HP means you limped away with 2 brokens arms, punctured lung, and concussion. Also, avoiding combat is just as rewarding as engaging in combat.

Start at Level 2

If someone misses a session:

Currently the Feast of Last Light is going on in Khaldar.

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