The Fowler's Pub

The inn is a single story stone-walled building, with a slate roof and a tiled mosaic floor. Accommodations consist of several small rooms with beds and woolen mattresses. Its neighbors include the grand home of Andron the Enchantress and an ornate traveler’s shrine, all on Boar’s Avenue.

The innkeeper is a short female human named Jane Rowley and she is a rowdy girl.


  1. Steamed Dragon and Boysenberry Tart, Glass of Mead (3 sp)
  2. Roasted Veal and Blue Cheese, Glass of Cider (4 sp)
  3. Roasted Duck with Garlic and Artichoke, Glass of Cider (3 sp)
  4. Stewed Pork and Soft Cheese, Tankard of Ale (12 cp)

The Fowler's Pub

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